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29 Jan 2023

Crystal Grids

What are they and how do they work?

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a pattern, typically with one crystal in the center, and varying crystals surrounding it. Crystal grids have been used to manifest certain outcomes. The types of crystals chosen depend on the intent of the crystal grid. For emotional healing, green crystals or crystals that resonate with the heart chakra may be chosen. For vitality and strength, red crystals like garnet may be chosen. Quartz is often used as an amplifier.

Crystal grids get their power from crystal energy, intention, and sacred geometry.

11 Dec 2022

What is Crystal Energy Exactly?

Crystals work in mysterious ways. Humans have been fascinated by them for thousands of years. They are portrayed in various ancient texts. Crystals are not only prized for their beauty, but also for the "vibes" they give off as well as mysterious happenings that can be attributed to them. Some say that crystals have certain metaphysical properties and have the ability to heal or to manifest things like abundance.

Where do these ideas come from and how could they be explained? While at the time of this writing, science does not have the framework to answer these questions, it is possible to speculate. Everything is energy and everything interacts with each other on both a physical and energetic level. Crystal energy is just an extension of it and is able to harmonize the energy around it through energy resonance. Holding or wearing a crystal causes its energy to resonate with ours, which has various effects on us. As our field is altered, so are the things we manifest, physical or energetic.

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